Grand Theft Auto V: The Map

Today, Grand Theft Auto V drops. The world stops. If you were too busy to notice, Rockstar Games, along side the release of the game have also released a number of companion apps:

  • The iFruit Mobile Application
  • Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual

The manual has a fantastic map viewer. After digging through the source assets of the manual app, I quickly found the map images. From what I can see, there are three different maps.

  • Atlus
  • Road
  • Satellite

Using the magic of php and a generous 20 lines of code later, I’ve stitched together the 1024 images that make up each of the base maps into single (huge) image. WARNINGSome of the images are quite large, weighing in at a resolution of 8192×8192 (67,108,864 pixels) and nearly 70MB.

Grand Theft Auto V: Atlas Map






Grand Theft Auto V: Road Map






Grand Theft Auto V: Satellite Map






Stitched images are free of personal/additional watermarks and originally belong to Rockstar Games, a wholly owned subsidiary of Take Two Interactive.


6 thoughts on “Grand Theft Auto V: The Map

    1. Damon Pollard Post author

      haha, good stuff. I hadn’t done any image stitching before and a 32×32 grid seemed easy enough!

      There is only so much internet I could search before I decided it was time to just do it myself :P

  1. ken

    Hey, I just wanted to extend my gratitude to you for offering these images.

    I’ve since turned them each into maps using the google maps api, found here:

    I’ve got more functionality planned; but this wouldn’t be at all possible without the maps you’ve provided.

    So HUGE thank you.

  2. Tim

    Great job. If only I’d found this before last Sunday, I would have saved myself an entire day’s work painstakingly doing the exact same thing :-(

    1. Damon Pollard Post author

      Unfortunately this is only possible because of the images that were provided in the GTA: V manual – unless something similar exists for GTA: SA (I don’t think it does) it won’t be easy to reproduce.


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